Friday, December 28, 2007

Arms? No Arms?

So, I forgot to mention that we also worked with using no arms during the sprints of energy exchange & in the text circle as we did in Robert Taylor workshop in October and at training the week before. I really think it's useful using this as a solid base of neutrality and it prohibits you from adding too much "stuff", "bodily commentary", "unconscious habits", etc. onto the text.

Subsequently, I felt when I used my arms while doing the revelations of speech they moved less and the text went through the shape of my arms & body rather than ”making the text go through my arms & body". I had more of a conduit sensation, which is the whole point of acting really. I was more of a vessel for the words to pass through. Ahhhh, it felt nice too, kind of like a gooey electricity passing through. Mmmmmm, good energy. It also felt like a good protein shake after a work out-very refreshing...yeah, that's it, refreshing.

Doing the exercises at first with no arms helped provide me with a clean slate and a solid foundation to start from. Now that I think about it, I feel this would be a good place to actually start for character. Saying the text and moving in this fashion of no arm neutrality, but legs firm beneath you providing support.

Paz kids, more tid-bits to come. Have a fab day.


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