Monday, February 25, 2008

Magis Student Actor Training Institute

Members of Magis had a great day yesterday working with the students of the Magis Student Actor Training Institute. Our students are preparing monologues which can be used for college and professional auditions, and made great strides yesterday while working individually with the Magis actors. The students will present their monologues at the Notre Dame School in March. Keep checking here for further details!

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Frank Mihelich said...

Now in mid-April I am finally finding the time to contribute to the blog.

I wanted to comment on the MAGIS Student Actor Training Institute. I was able to help with the students off and on this year, and I found it very rewarding.

I think that this program is a wonderful way for MAGIS to give back to the community. So often theatre companies are just trying to get by and do the next show, that they forget that live theatre is about people and community. It think it is healthy and right for a theatre company to be connected to the community that it serves. How can theatre make the lives of people that I know a better place? How can MAGIS continue to turn up the house lights, break the 4th wall, and serve the community?

Frank Mihelich

Frank Mihelich