Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Poet of Fashion = Famous for being famous"

There is something of the "glam" nature of Dabbler's celebrity that is intriguing. And since he really is not published, but is undoubtedly the object of the affection and attention of all the ladies of wit, it makes me wonder about the idea of his "cult of personality." Is he, like so many today famous for being famous?
Here are some inspirations to choose from:

Kevin Federline - Former husband and back-up-dancer of Britney Spears and father of her children. Federline's own forays into music are viewed as failures. Similarly to Kato Kaelin, Federline is most known for epitomizing the slacker image.

Zsa Zsa Gabor - Her sister, Eva Gabor was a popular actress on the television show Green Acres. Zsa Zsa (who also attempted acting) however had no particular success being mostly famous for her multiple marriages.

Paris Hilton - Great granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton.

Kato Kaelin - Friend of O.J. Simpson who enjoyed brief fame arising from his testimony during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Nicole Richie - Adopted daughter of Lionel Richie and close friend of Paris Hilton. Achieved national fame by co-starring with Hilton in the reality TV series The Simple Life. More recently, the press has attacked her for her dramatic weight loss.

Anna Nicole Smith - Stripper who married an oil tycoon of advanced years shortly before his death. Later built up commercial success by capitalizing on her "dumb blonde train wreck" image. Many figures in the media claimed her death in February 2007 was one example of "the price of fame".

-- George

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