Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Esprit Night

Yo Witlings...
Quite a fascinating exercise in the "emotional experience" department, yo.
Last night, for all you outside blog readers, we met as the characters at a mock-Esprit night, to deepen a bit of the experience of what would the dynamics be like with these characters on previous/other/unscripted Esprit nights
Some things worth noting. The GENUINE desire to comment, critque, and share ideas based on what was presented was fascinating.
What was great in doing this were the questions it raised:
are there members who used to come and don't any more?
how do we deal with that?
each character looks on comment/critique with different comfort levels... what is mine?
what pushes my "creative-person" buttons as a hot topic when it comes up? what offends me?
when is it correct/incorrect to speak?
when have I simply judged the party who is speaking to be not worth my effort?
when could I no longer hold my tongue (positively or negatively)
Another thing that took on a life of its own: SIDE CONVERSATIONS
Do I know what's being said? Am I aware of how I am perceived? Do I deny, invent, overhear other's comments?
Good stuff.
What was good for y'all, yo?
--the Dabs


Erika said...

Thanks, Dabs. I am particularly interested in the "side conversation" effect that you mentioned. When do we hear what others are saying and choose to ignore it? When do we genuinely not understand what is going on? When do we feign ignorance in order to get information or to try to make a point? So often in this play various side conversations are going on in the midst of the scene and I think it is interesting to ponder what happens if and when the other characters hear what is said.

Magis Theatre Company said...

Hola Wits!

What I learned is how to be patient and resist wanting to be noticed for the sake of being noticed. Even for Jack, it was OK to bite the toungue. I also realized I needed some activity to help me with Jack's intense desire to speak or leave. I was using tennis balls as those metallic Chinese balls one rotates in your palm for relaxtion. I have my own and will bring them in to see what that does for Jack.

I also thought of how Jack is annoyed by the Dabs. He's cool with him to a degree but Jack said, "Why Lord, Mr. Dabbler a man might ride ten times round Hyde Park before you are ready to begin!"

The excercise also helped me discover that instead of singing (as I did in musical chairs recently) I play at singing, and when I do I totally suck! I said to myself I sing much better in my lessons and by myself. I shan't make that mistake again.

PS-I've been working on the Smatter smear song in Act V. It's gonna be hot. I have some other Jack thoughts but that's for a seperate post.

Peace Witlings!


Anonymous said...

Dabs and crew. Thank you for a wonderful evening out! I was delighted be invited to one of Lady Smatter's infamous "Espirit Party" gatherings which Mrs. Voluble has told me volumes about!

Mrs. Wheedle

Wow. I believe I felt Wheedle's social paranoia back at my apartment when I was trying to find the right outfit for the Espirit party! I stood paralyzed before my closet staring at the different options. I decided to use everything as part of Mrs. Wheedle's emotional journey, and her nerves around rubbing elbows with the Espirit crew. Arriving fashionably late hurt Wheedle's ego, but she quickly settled in and found her place at the party and was extremely aware of all of the side conversations going on. She was exceptionally glad to link eyes with Mrs. Voluble and have a little chat!

Thanks for the memories.-WEndy

Frank Mihelich said...

The Esprit Party taught me that most good character research and text work is done on our feet in a spirit of play.

Frank Mihelich