Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You've seen the show, now share your thoughts!

It was great fun bringing Frances Burney's text into the limelight with our production of "The Witlings." The company enjoyed great response from our audiences, kudos from Burney scholars, and interest from the press.
While some critics felt the emphasis on the comedy of the piece eclipsed our intent to highlight Burney's thoughts and concerns, many others commented how the satirical farce was well placed and made Burney's ideas accessible to audiences who otherwise would not have been exposed to them.
Send us your thoughts: we would enjoy good a dialogue about your experience of "The Witlings"


Matthew Maguire said...

Dear Magis,

Congrats on your wonderful production of The Witlings!

I've gone to the IT Awards site and given you my vote.

I admire that you've chosen this play to produce that no one knows and given it fresh life. In a sense, a first life, since I don't think it's been done in New York before. It's a bold choice and it worked.

I also admire your sense of ensemble. There's a sense of trust and play among you that is palpable and contagious.


Elda Luisi said...

What a wonderful production! The show was both charming and hilarious. The costumes were superbly creative, the characters were skillfully drawn by the actors and the cast was successful in delivering its satiric message with relevance to today's world - especially in shaping the poet to a current cultural "icon". The sets were inventive, too, given the small space. Altogether, it was a great delight - a wonderful theatrical experience. Thanks!

Frank Kelly said...

Fearing some dry academic exercise (maybe there's a REASON it hasn't been done in 239 years), I was delighted by the wit and vigor of the production. The whole experience was quite exhilarating. I particularly appreciated how the company had come up with contemporary analogies for period attitudes and behaviors. For example, Dabbler: the actor's command of the posturings of the contemporay hip hop scene was so specific and so committed, that a vision of the usual fop with lacy handkerchief and snuff box was both evoked and dismissed. Genuine wit has no "sell by" date!

Ruth said...

Congratulations on a superb production. I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Witlings unfold from the charming purity of the two young lovers to the extravagances of amply padded divas, narcissistic fakes, and righteous men. Frances Burney cunningly pointed out the hypocrisies of society in her play and they were made even more poignant by the modern twist of this production. I'm glad Magis had the forethought and courage to mount this lost treasure of a play. I look forward to future Magis productions!

Ruth said...

Also I didn't put in my earlier post, that the costumes were choice! Loved it =)

Misti said...

As always, the Magis Theater Company soars as an ensemble. Your training process consistently pays off. I thought the costumes were incredible and set the tone for a fast paced production. However, some of the contemporary elements overshadowed telling the story. I found the staged reading easier to follow. I must say though, that seeing George Drance as a homeboy made me laugh so hard. Thanks for a great time! I admire your creativity so much and will always be a big fan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for consistently producing thought-provoking theater! I think The Witlings is a perfect show for teens today. I liked how you incorporated young actors in your show. Everyone gave a strong performance, but I especially admired the women with the dog (how did she do that!) and the "poet". Bravo!

Anonymous said...

My theatre students and I loved it! This restoration play with a modern makeover made an underappreciated genre palatable and accessible to all. Thank you for bringing this hysterical satire to life. Loved the barks, loved the rapper, loved the butt. And more.

Way to go.