Monday, December 14, 2009


One of the things I hear myself saying again and again in the classroom is that the act of articulating something is an act of freedom. The clear expression that results from the demand of deliberate and chosen words teaches us something in the very act of articulating.A friend asked me in an email about my vision for the piece and here is what I wrote back:My vision truly stems from three things:
1) the music of Rudresh Mahanthappa, a rising star in the Jazz world who has given us his blessing to use his music in the show 2) The hand gestures of Bharata Natyam (classical Indian theatre) and 3) The creation of different worlds big enough to hold a fairy tale and real enough to show us ourselves. The last phrase really helps me understand what it is that we are trying to do with the creation of our 3 worlds. Each world will have different demands. Each world will have different solutions.I am excited in seeing what is coming out of the audience feedback from Thursday. I look forward to trying some of it in our showing today, and in getting new information from our audience.

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