Monday, March 5, 2012

Michael Chekhov Technique - How does it work on you?

I have been leading the company in Michael Chekhov Technique for the last few months, and I would be really glad to hear reactions from the company. I am constantly discovering my voice as a teacher, and I have to be honest, it feels wonderful to be rooted in a technique, to know I have a specialty of sorts. That idea pushes me to get better at it - understanding the technique, teaching the technique, and ultimately applying the technique.

I would love to hear some reflections about your experiences with the work. Also, what questions do you have about applying the technique? Obviously, we are not only working with the MC Technique, so we don't get a lot of time to explore it necessarily. But what I think is wonderful is that it is so transferable and applicable in all that we do as a company. What are some connections that you are making between Chekhov and the Robert Taylor work, say? Or the vocal work that we do? Personally, for me, applying the principle of radiating to the Text Circle has been shapely for me. By simultaneously collecting and sending a connecting energy to the participants in the middle, by opening my New Eyes and sending energy back to the outer circle when I am in the middle - I have to say I have been consistently feeling a power that was previously fleeting. It's a grounding force that has allowed me to be open and supple when putting text on impulse.

So what about you? Please feel free to be candid. This blog is in place so that we can do just that, reflect, ask questions, and consider and share what we do as a company. Let's hear about it...

Taylor V

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