Saturday, September 20, 2008

Casey's Viewpoints Session for Back to Basics

Forty Minutes

Overall goal- to ground the group in the basic elements of Viewpoints

1. Goal To open physical awareness
Method- (5 minutes)
Walking- heel flat toe, heel flat toe with soft eyes and peasant feet
Find the empty spaces in the room.
Enter the passages or windows between people.

2. Goal To engage the body/mind in specific physical actions and tasks
Methods- (6 minutes)
Follow one person without them knowing it. Then choose another person and follow them.
Choose two people in your mind and form a perfect triangle with those 2 people.
Choose two different people and form a straight line with them with you being on either end of that line.

3. Goals- to provide clear guidelines and specific actions in order to focus the flow of the Viewpoints. To establish personal choices while heightening awareness of the whole.
Methods- (6 minutes)
Line up at the back of the space in a line facing forward to form lanes.
In the lane work you have the following options- you can walk, run, jump, or stop
Now enfold an awareness of Tempo... now Kinesthetic response... now Repetition... now Duration.

4. Goal- To heighten interactions with others while maintaining structure, direction, and purpose.
Methods- Open up to a grid- (6 minutes)
Walk in straight lines and make right angle, 180, 270, or 360 degree turns.
Add the Viewpoint of Spatial Relationship.
Heighten Tempo, Kinesthetic Response, Repetition, Duration.

5. Goals- To allow free flow of creative impulse.
To build ensemble.
To develop trust and confidence within the context of free play.
Methods- Move into open Viewpoints- (6 minutes)
Become conscious of Floor Pattern
Add in Shape- angular shapes and curved shapes
Become aware of your body's relationship to Architecture.
Heighten Viewpoint of Kinesthetic Response... Tempo... Spatial Relationship.

6. Goals- To heighten awareness of relationship to audience
To witness and be witnessed while staying with the work of the moment.
To focus the free play within the fire of performance.
Four up/ Four down- (12 minutes total)
Listen for a starting point based on your awareness of your self, each other, and the space.
You have already begun.
Use all the Viewpoints.
Heighten Kinesthetic Response and Repetition.
Ask- How was that?
-Next group-
Listen for your starting point
You have already begun
Use all the Viewpoints.
Heighten Gesture and Spatial Relationships
Ask- How was that?