Monday, November 3, 2008

Gabe leading Taylor. Lesson II for 11/9

We will start with the breath then leading to the shape.

1) Sipping breaths into each chamber of the body.

2) Breath count to 8, then 12, then 16, then 20.

3) Dramatic:

A) Inhaling and then exhaling on the rhythm of Dramatic first. Next, going over the form by drawing the parallels of the wave; how momentum, suspension and gravity are prevalent in the shape and its release.

B) Doing four dramatics.

C) Inhaling and exhaling on the rhythm of dramatic; drawing the parallels of Cicely Berry’s work which will pertain to "releasing the thought" and "pursuing the thought".

E) Inhaling then exhaling with text; reinforcing “releasing the thought.” Using one line of text—using the same line throughout.

F) Finally, with “releasing the thought” in mind and using the form of dramatic, the exhale is the text and the entire action of performing the shape of dramatic is the "release of the thought".

G) Review the forms of the 6 Revelations of Speech; 1)Direct 2) Sympathy 3) Antipathy 4) Thoughtful 5) Retreating-to-one’s-own-ground and 6) Feeling-forward-against-the-hindrance. We will use the line of text with the Energy of Dramatic with each Revelation.

H) I will now focus on "pursuing the thought". Continuing using the same text (going onto the subsequent lines) and using the different revelations to “chase” that thought.

4) Lyric- Steps A-H using the Lyric shape.

5) Epic- Steps A-H using the Epic shape.

6) Text Circle.
A) Zip-Zap-Zop
B) “Text”-“Text”-concentrating on not compromising speed for connection.
C) One line in, one line out
D) Full open exchanges/freestyle!

After the Taylor session, if time allows, I am volunteering myself to go first on “Monologue/Proposition feedback” (as we discussed last week in Training (11/2) and in our meeting in June). I would still like to employ this aspect into our training. Thanks for your time and have a fabulous day.

Gabe :)

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Magis Theatre Company said...

Good stuff Gabe. Thanks for putting this together. I'm excited about calling upon some of the Cecily Berry work in this and concretizing it on how we use the breath in these exercises and how it is rooted in the impulse to speak.
It would be good to really solidify the "shape" of each of the three basic energies. Steiner's work on Dramatic, Lyric and Epic relies on shape and it might be good to begin with shape so that even the breath is informed (in-form)