Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tayloring our Viewpoints

I would like to lead Viewpoints after Gabe leads us in the Robert Taylor work. I will follow a similar pattern to the Viewpoints session that I lead 2 weeks ago, however this time I would like to add in the Taylor energies and gestures.

1. Lanes. Stand in your lane. Become aware of your body taking up space in the room. Feel your feet, allow your breath to naturally come in and out. Feel your feet. Let go of any tension. Notice where you have muscular tension and breathe through that area. Do the wave forwards and backwards. Can you be aware of other people making waves? This time let the energy pool at your feet, but instead of the wave, let us find the JUMP.

Movement possibilities: a) Walk b) jump c) crawl d) lie down e) reverse direction f) dramatic jump g) lyric jump h) epic jump.

2. Lanes. Introduce: a) tempo b)duration c) repetition

3. Freestyle: Introduce: a) Gestures: Robert Taylor: direct, thoughtful, sympathy, antipathy, feeling forward, retreating...allow more freedom with these gestures, let them organically emerge from your body, can you find something completely new in them?

b) spatial relationships

c) architecture

4. Big Group viewpoints

5. Small Group viewpoints

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Magis Theatre Company said...

Interesting interplay with the Robert Taylor work and the viewpoints. I think this can get us working more "kinesthetically" when we move to text work.
Make sure you let the group explore each new demand thoroughly before folding in the next one.