Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your priority lists for scenes: part II

Hello Magis Folks:
Time to chime in with your priorities for scene selection as we put the second half together.  You can just comment on this post.
List A:  Scenes that need a full scene to develop
List B:  Scenes that can be shortened to a few lines and made part of a vamp/chorus
List C:  Characters that might substitute well into the scene of healing Plutus in Ascelpius' temple.


Magis Theatre Company said...

As far as small vignette, I think Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac skit, Daniel Mudd, Bernie Madoff, and Jamie Dimon, and Donald Trump, would all fit nicely into small short line sequences. For the Plutus healing scene, I was thinking celebrity divorce cases, but that doesn't have a lot to do with healing. Drama with plastic surgery would fit nicely, or you could focus on divorce (heal my marriage). As far as scenes that need to be filled in, Just man, Storming Olympus, and connecting the scenes we have from the second half into a through line. These are some basic thoughts for the next rehearsal!


Margi said...

List A: Daniel Mudd/person lost in system/Cario; Hermes on Cario corner; the Young Man and Widow Cougar

List B: the Mae's on subway, Freddie Mac selling to Cario, Poverty speaks from the ground

List C: Kirstie Allie, Meg Ryan, Dolly Parton,

Magis Theatre Company said...

1) 2nd half material- "just man" vs "unjust man" is important, Hermes either as guest of Cario's Corner or as the only one left representing Olympus
2) Fanny Mae/Freddy Mac Busking routine? Tap dance for the person struggling with Student Loan/Unemployment?
3)Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp for tattoo removal
Meg Ryan to overcome bad botox
Jennifer Grey to see if she can reverse her nose job


Magis Theatre Company said...

1. Just man scene, Hermes, Widow Cougar, Fannie Freddie collapse

2. Donald Trump, Mother Theresa, Bernie Madoff, Raja Rajratnam, Lance Armstrong, Richard III, Adolf Hitler

3. Joan Rivers, something to represent the snakes, set in some sort of ER. I'd like to give this some more thought....


Magis Theatre Company said...

LIST A: Just Man/Informer/Cario. Perhaps also with Cougar representing grey area? I think the grey area is the most crucial part of this scene.
Hermes as the final vestige of Olympus
Poverty (if not as a whole "scene," as some sort of through line or recurring vignette?)

LIST B: Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, Sally Mae on subway
Donald Trump/Bernie Madoff tap dance?
Various characters that we've previously introduced seen again in vaudeville-style "bits"

Heal my face (like previously mentioned, plastic surgery stuff)
Heal my career (Amanda Bynes, Mel Gibson, Lance Armstrong)


Magis Theatre Company said...

List A:

Tyler Perry: a contemporary "Just Man"

List B:

Subway: Fannie Mae (Daniel Mudd)/Sallie Mae/ Freddie Mac (housing, student loans)

Toronto lottery winner first thought she won 40 thousand dollars...turned out to be 40 million....she thinks that's a lot of money

800 million dollar man won't feel financially secure until he has billions

List C:

Celebrities Who Had the Worst Luck In Cosmetic Surgery:

Priscilla Presley: failed botox, cheek implants, facelift
Bruce Jenner: nose job, eye lift
Kenny Rogers: eyebrow lift
Latoya Jackson: nose job
Pamela Anderson: boob job
Carrot Top: brow lift, facial/body implants
Tara Reid: boob job, stomach liposuction

Magis Theatre Company said...

List C: riffing on Becca's breakdown:
"heal my face" ... it could be Dr. Zizmor .. Ads on the subway from Isabel R.. "Thank you for healing my face ... thank you for healing my life."
But then others looking for other kinds of healing Dick Cheney to get a real heart
In the Ascelpius scene, Dr. Z as high priest deals with the cosmetic issues but steals the offerings as in the play.
What's crazy about this scene is that all these people are in the same room together: Joan Rivers in the same room as Cheney!
Asclepius prevents Cheney from invading any new countries to lay Haliburton pipelines


These can work together to adapt the scene for our purposes.

George .. from the work session

Magis Theatre Company said...

List A: Scenes that should be complete scenes because they are more complex:
Just Man/Unjust Man in the scene as we have it, now called the Rich Man scene, it is really about inequitable distribution of wealth.
Lloyd B, or Daniel Mudd. "I'm an honorable person"
Ronalda wrote a scene in which Daniel Mudd defends himself and wants to be a role model for his son... paralleling Chremylus desire to teach his son.
If we do the widow Cougar, she keeps her money since she's really not abusing wealth. We need a character that does use wealth poorly as an anchor and she might do it.
Cario changes, gets swept up in it.
Chremylus disappears, or retreats ... watches it all as the clarity that he is looking for runs amok. And only comes back at the end to ask the question about what do we do?
How do we incorporate the profiteering of war? Is Cheney enough? is he a clear parallel to the informer? Do we go with the Adrian Lamo bit?
Should it be about health care profiteering? Human Trafficking?
Should we have a list song of everything from abusing interns to sweat shops to drones.

--George from

Magis Theatre Company said...

What spurs everyone to storm Olympus? Maybe as people change and the wealth corrupts them, they lose even the new-found wealth. So they get irate once they have money for a day. What good is it if it is only for a day? Do they all get irate?
Is Plutus sorry that he has his sight now? Is he working all the time now because people can't seem to hold on to virtue once they get wealth?

Magis Theatre Company said...

Mit Romney's 47% transcript: